Boysen Family Farm Kid Birth

Mama Kit and her 5 new kids


The Boysen family were proud to witness a goat birth on their family farm that nearly tied for a world record. The goats we breed are Miniature Silky Fainting goats (Long Haired Tennessee Fainting crossed with a Nigerian Dwarf). The main goal of our breeding program is to produce friendly, small, pet-quality animals.

Our goat, Kit, had six kids yesterday, and five survived the birth. Below is some info on how rare this is.

There is a 1-10,000 chance of having five kids. It’s even rarer for all five to survive. I got this information from googling “how rare is it for a goat to have five kids” and there were four to five news articles with this statistic. I couldn’t find odds/stats on six kids, but I did find the world record history shown below:

• World record history 2006 – Six kids, and five survived (same as ours) – Six kids all survived

• 2019 – Seven kids all survived

We now have a total of 23 baby goats and still have three nannies that should give birth within the week.

You can contact the Boysens on instagram @Boysenfam-farm, by email at, or by phone at 925-270-5535 if you would like information on adopting some kids of your own.

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