Back to School in Uncommon Times


As Davis County schools prepare to reopen in a few weeks, things look different than typical school years. The district has published their plans and guidelines for the upcoming school year. You can find out more by visiting their website at

The district has a plan to reopen schools, and students will have the opportunity to attend on an adjusted schedule. With that goal in mind, and the understanding that times are uncertain, the following guidelines will be put in place to protect students, employees, and the community.

Everyone will be encouraged to participate in physical distancing, hand washing, sanitization, wearing masks, staggering class start times, follow hallway flow adjustments, adhere to adjusted lunch times and seating, modifying recess, and helping students stay spaced our in common areas. They will also stay aware of illness or symptoms and send students home with any flu-like symptoms. They are working on digital learning platforms and are willing to modify their approaches as needed, depending on changes to the health and safety to all involved.

Students and staff will be wearing masks at school in classes and around school grounds. Parents are encouraged to talk to their students to encourage them to wear their masks and maintain clean hands throughout the day. If kids are sick, keep them home. They also ask that people be ready for change. Things can evolve quickly, and everyone must be ready to face those changes and the challenges they bring.

The district also understands that some parents will choose to keep their children home. The district has two options for this. One option is Davis Connect K-12 Online School. Students will work with a teacher during school hours and have a traditional class load. Classes will be taught by Davis School District Licensed Teachers. The other option is online Davis Connect K-12 Independent Study. This option is parent directed and at a student’s own pace.

On campus, they will be promoting “The Big Five:” Hygiene Etiquette, Stay Home When Sick, Cloth Face Mask, Physical Distancing, and Clean and Disinfect. These protections will help protect against COVID-19, yet allow the schools to resume an adjusted operation.

This is an uncommon back-to-school in an unprecedented time. We all pray that things will continue to develop on the vaccine front and that much of the disease can be eradicated, but we also know that, right now, it is still scary. Good luck to all the students and teachers.

Davis School District sent a letter (shown below) to parents dated 7/28/2020 regarding back to school operations, including the adjusted school schedule. For the most up to date information, be sure to visit regularly.

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