Public Works Update


As debris, grime, and dirt get onto our parking lots and driveways, one good way to prevent these pollutants from getting into the storm drain system is to sweep it up and discard it into the garbage can. If we can each do our part, this will help prevent the pollutants from clogging up our storm drain pipes and will keep our waterways cleaner and our parking lots and driveways looking more appealing.


2000 West construction proceeded in three separate segments to best accommodate traffic. The first two segments have now been paved (1700 South to 2175 South). There are manhole and valve lids that are being raised to the surface with concrete collars, so there is some limited traffic interference. The south half (2175 South to 2700 South) is closed until that section is paved. It is not on the schedule yet but anticipated to occur the end of July.

Bluff and Gentile roundabout is progressing, with concrete work happening for gutters and sidewalks. The asphalt trail is complete and may be used by pedestrians. Just be careful and do not enter the construction area. Be sure to drive slowly through this area to prevent gravel and dust from scattering. The base material for the road is being placed to form a solid layer for the new road. Driving fast over the base will inhibit the integrity of the base layer. Driving slowly still saves time rather than re-routing a detour around if all of the roads in this construction zone were closed.


Please follow recommendations from the Division of Water Resources “Weekly Watering Guide” .


The American Public Works Association (APWA) has adopted this symbol as a reminder of the role that public works plays in emergencies. The symbol is reminiscent of road construction signs, safety cones, and construction barrels. Besides the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure, Syracuse City Public Works Department plays a critical role in emergency management efforts. This symbol is proudly displayed on the Public Works vehicles as well as on a flag at the Public Works building.

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