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Tell us your beginnings.

Oasis Montessori Schools started in a small location in 2015. Within a short time, the demand for our program rapidly increased. Therefore, in 2016 we moved to our current location which gave us room for school expansion. In 2018, Oasis Montessori Schools were awarded High-Quality Preschool certification by the Department of Work Force Services in Utah. This award gave us a lot of recognition and appreciation as an institute that offers high- quality early childhood education in our community. Despite the expansion, we still did not have enough classrooms to offer seats to families on our waiting list. Therefore, we added a few more classrooms to the school in 2018. To meet the continuous high demand for the program, we started the construction of a new school building in 2019. This new building will add 10 more classrooms to our school and will be completed in August 2020.

Tell us more about your preschool program.

Our preschool program is open for 12 hours, starting from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. Parents have the liberty to drop off their children at any time between 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and pick up children by 6:00 p.m. Our preschool program is structured into 3 levels: cycle 1 for infants of three months to 24 months, cycle 2 for toddlers of two to three years and cycle 3 for three to five-year-old children.

A preschool program for babies? How does a preschool program benefit an infant?

Our cycle 1 program is specifically designed for children of three months to 24 months old. The curriculum in our school is based on Montessori concepts, where Montessori materials and practices are employed to meet the child’s developmental needs.

The age between three months to 24 months is a crucial developmental stage in childhood because this is the time where the brain undergoes rapid development. Exposure to a Montessori environment at an early age is very beneficial as it gives the freedom to the child to safely explore and learn through discovery. When the children complete our cycle 1 program at the age of 24 months, they gain the ability to identify different shapes, letters, and numbers. All cycle 1 classrooms are provided with a refrigerator, enabling working mothers to store breastmilk needed for their babies for the day.

How is the day structured for preschoolers in cycles 2 and 3?
Generally, this is how the daily timetable looks like for a preschooler in cycles 2 and 3; From 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., the children can have their breakfast and engage in free play. From 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the preschool Montessori program starts. During this time, children engage in educational activities such as learning to read, write, mathematics, science, geography, and social studies. You may wonder whether learning subjects such as geography, botany etc. at such a young age is too advanced and may induce unnecessary stress to a preschooler. This is not so. Our preschool curriculum is based on Montessori concepts. The beauty of Montessori education is that it is a child centered, hands-on educational approach. All the high-quality Montessori equipment available in our classrooms are designed to teach an educational concept by giving hands-on experience to the child. While learning, the child feels that he or she is engaged in play. Our daily schedule includes time for the children to engage in outdoor games and activities before lunch. We also emphasize on developing child’s creative intelligence. During the latter part of each day, children engage in additional educational activities of their choice, like learning a second language (Japanese and Spanish) or learning to play piano, sign language, computer and many more. We have teachers specialized in teaching these subjects. We also have highly experienced teachers in our staff who are trained to teach English reading and writing to very young children. Working with different teachers gives variety to the child’s daily schedule because the child gets to interact with different teachers in different classroom settings.

The beauty of Montessori education is that it is child-centered, hands-on educational approach.

Can you describe your extended day care program?

Our extended day care program or cycle 4 program is designed for school-going children. The parents can drop off their children at our school in the morning. After having breakfast, the children are given transportation to their schools. We take a special care when hiring drivers to our transportation team. All our drivers are above 25 years of age and have immaculate driving histories.

We provide lunch to the children who go to kindergarten. The daily schedule of cycle 4 is mainly focused on academic activities. The children in cycle 4 complete their homework before they go home each day. The teachers give a helping hand to children when needed to complete their homework.

What else is special about the Oasis Montessori Schools?

We conduct periodic assessments in our preschool program to determine whether the child develops language, numeracy, and sensorial skills at an age-appropriate level. All the children in every cycle are evaluated every three to six months to determine the progress the child has made.

Sometimes I have seen that parents opt for daycare over preschool. This is mostly because some parents with young children are unaware of the benefits a preschool program provides. Preschool programs focus on early childhood education and teach variety of cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills. A high-quality preschool program like the one we offer at Oasis Montessori Schools prepare the children with skills needed for school readiness and academic success.

Also, most of the parents have the misconception that preschool programs are much more expensive than daycare. Actually, this is not true. The preschool program we offer is available at an affordable price and is very cost effective as the child gets more benefits by being in a well-structured early childhood educational program than being in daycare.

Visit us!

What should the parents do if they want to enroll their children in Oasis Montessori Schools? The first thing the parents can do is to take a tour in our facility. The parents can book a tour by calling our office at (801) 825-7827. Generally, we conduct tours every day between 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. In the tour, the parents get to observe the classrooms that are in session.

780 S 2000 W, #B, Syracuse, UT
Phone: (801) 825-7827

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