Why Doesn’t Syracuse City Offer Curbside Recycling?


QUESTION: Why doesn’t Syracuse City offer curbside recycling?

Answer: Syracuse City has never offered curbside recycling, and instead relies upon private recycling companies to provide that service to its residents.

However, changes at the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District have made every resident’s garbage a source of recyclable materials. The Davis Material Recovery Facility (MRF), which began operation earlier this year, is the first stop for waste collected in Davis County. The system and District employees sort through trash at multiple points, removing organics, corrugated cardboard, metal cans, and plastics.

Organic waste is separated and trucked to an anaerobic processing plant which generates clean energy that is sold to Rocky Mountain Power. Combustibles are sold as a fuel to make cement, reducing the need for fossil fuels for those facilities. Valuable items are recovered and recycled; this increases the life of the District’s landfills by keeping it filled with non-recyclable items.

The District operates a webpage with a virtual tour, drawings, and answers to questions you may have about the new facility. www.wasatchintegrated.org/material-recovery-and-transfer-facility/

Curbside recycling is still helpful because the customer pre-sorts the recyclables, so don’t feel obligated to give up on blue cans just yet.

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