Syracuse teen completes 26.2 miles in the Jackson Hole Marathon


Ryan Sedgwick, a senior at Clearfield High school, trained for and ran the Jackson Hole Full Marathon (26.2 miles) on September 26, 2020. Ryan has run three half-marathons in the past several years. He and his friends trained for the Utah Valley Half-Marathon and had to run it “virtually” due to COVID, but that didn’t stop them from training and completing the race. The plan was for the boys to continue running and training in order to be ready for a full marathon; however, when the other boys decided not to run it after all, Ryan continued the training on his own. With much determination and ambition, he put in many miles of running in order to be ready for the full marathon. He completed the race taking 2nd place in his division, and finishing 41 overall out of 229 runners. He finished with a time of 3:54:49. His goal was to complete it in 4 hours or less. The last hour of the race, he ran in pouring rain and very cold temperatures.

Ryan has great determination, ambition, and perseverance in life. He has always been a person who sets a goal, and when he does, he doesn’t let anything stop him from achieving that goal.

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