Did Syracuse Get Federal CARES Act Money? If So, What Are They Doing With It?


QUESTION: Did Syracuse get federal CARES Act money? If so, what are they doing with it?

Answer: Congress authorized funding for COVID-19 response and recovery purposes, which included some funding to local governments who were often on the front lines of the pandemic response. The use of funds is restricted to specific purposes and cannot be used for general city operations or capital projects.

Syracuse was allocated $2.7M based on our population. The city Council has currently allocated the funds as follows:

  • Direct financial assistance for impacted businesses (both on its own and as a partner of Davis County): $820,000
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other assistance for businesses: $179,800
  • Covid-19 prevention devices and upgrades at city facilities: $589,800
  • PPE and disinfecting of public buildings: $140,000
  • Child-care assistance (partnered with Davis Education Foundation): $140,400
  • Hazard pay for public safety employees: $180,000

We have a current reserve of $650,000 which the city will return to the U.S. Treasury if it is not needed for the response. Ultimately, these are either tax or borrowed dollars from our federal government, and the city is striving to be a wise steward over those funds.

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