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Mayor Mike Gailey

As adults, we witness joy as seen through the eyes of a small child on Christmas morning; it’s part of my most enjoyable memories from the past. I was pondering my plight a few weeks ago as Jayne and I visited one of our sit-down restaurants. Our server, a young woman, was particularly playful with me over my obsession with blue-cheese dressing. (I love it when a server banters with me~ and I’m a better tipper when they do.) When she brought me the check, I thanked for her service and the bantering. She said simply: “My pleasure!”

Her response triggered an avalanche of thought. I truly enjoyed my time with her. Her response to me indicated that she felt the same. I’m fascinated by the origin of common words. The word “enjoy” comes from Middle English, borrowed from Old French. Its meaning is to give joy to, or to receive joy from another. We both found pleasure as joy was shared. I asked the City Council to share what they find pleasurable in city-service.

Dave Maughan: “Along with my exciting duties on the city council, I serve on the North Davis Sewer Board as vice-chair. Success in this position goes largely unnoticed. We turn the worst that people have in them, into something pure and good. You may think this job stinks; maybe it does, but it is my pleasure to get rid of those elements people don’t care to hold onto”.

Lisa Bingham: “Serving as liaison to our Youth Court and Youth Commission is wonderful. From community outreach to positive peer roles, they willingly increase their circle of influence, and the advisors and staff facilitate the best experiences and opportunities. I’m thankful that I get to participate, as potential comes to fruition”.

Jordan Savage: “As a scout master and a ‘prepper’, I really enjoy my city council assignments. As a CERT instructor, I work with others to learn everything from bandaging to fire extinguishers. I also serve on the Disaster Prep Committee which has really shined this year. There is always more to do, but together, we can do it!”

Corinne Bolduc: “It is my joy to serve with the Mosquito Abatement District-Davis (MAD-D). This District is committed to community health and well-being in testing for West Nile Virus (WN), spraying, fogging, and treating standing water with pellets, greatly reducing mosquito numbers and making our outdoors quality-of-life much more enjoyable”.

Seth Teague: “While it can be a sacrifice to participate on city council and planning commission, it is also a great opportunity to teach my three young daughters the importance of service. It’s not been easy, but it is a constant reminder of the commitment we have to the community we love.”

As the Council finds joy in service, may I invite all to “enjoy” the holidays. It is a time of “giving service to and accepting service from” others. It generates the light in a small child’s eyes on Christmas morning. That light is rekindled in the eyes of adult service-givers, and it will be “their pleasure”. Joy to the World… especially the world of Syracuse!

Mayor Mike Gailey

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