Syracuse Black Jr. Pee Wee Football

Great job! Congrats Syracuse Black!


Team Syracuse — Black went 11-0 this year in the Jr. Pee Wee Division. The team name is “Syracuse – Black” (there was 2 teams from Syracuse in the age division, Gold and Black) in the Jr Pee Wee Division, of the Wasatch Front Football League. The team has been together for 3 years now and has a combined record of 24-1.

In the Mini Bowl that was held on Oct 31st Syracuse — Black beat the Morgan Maroon team 27 – 12. That game was Morgan’s first loss in all 3 years in the league. These two division powerhouses had wanted to play each other for a long time and Syracuse came out on top.

The coaches are…

Mike Haney (Head Coach), Ryan Hardy, Logan Haney, Simi Cazeau, Spenser Paskett and Brandon Greenwood. Mike says the coaches have been great, but; “The most important part of the team is the kids that actually put all the blood, sweat and tears into the season. We had 20 kids on the team.”

The boys are listed from the left starting in the back row: Houston Powell (#5) Alex Paskett (9), Luke Stringfellow (10), Ashton Cole (36), Braxton Ryan (39),

Middle Row: Jaxton Pendergast (64), Isaiah Cazeau (32), Beckham Jenkins (45), Parker Moffat (37), Crew Hardy (33), Jack Hall (Team Helper), Zach Bingham (62), Derek Haney (24),

Front Row: Hunter Fausett (76), Ace Adams (83), Joseph Salazar (46), Todd Kearney (#4), Liam Weaver (23), Treyson Buttars (54), Morgan Facer (49), Brayton Buttars (15),

Coaches: Ryan Hardy, Brandon Greenwood, Mike Haney, Simi Cazeau, Spencer Pasket & Logan Haney

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