Crossing Guard Safety: From the Police Department

PLEASE slow down and pay attention when driving through SCHOOL ZONES!

Syracuse Police Department has 24 crossing guards. These amazing members of our team come to work every school day, twice a day, braving the unpredictable Utah weather and the even more unpredictable Utah drivers. The crossing guards are there to keep the children of this community safe, yet on an almost daily basis, they encounter distracted drivers, red light violations, speeding, and drivers making illegal turns. Some drivers are confused about when they can make a turn while pedestrians are in a crosswalk. Utah law considers “active school zone crosswalks” as being different from other “normal crosswalks”. At a “normal crosswalk,” such as the intersection of Antelope Drive and 1000 West, drivers are permitted to safely drive through the crosswalk after the pedestrian is on the other half of the roadway. In an “active school zone crosswalk” drivers are NOT permitted to proceed through the crosswalk (even simple right-hand turns) until the children AND crossing guards are completely off the roadway and the crossing guards have lowered their stop sign.

Syracuse Police Department is asking all drivers who travel through school zones to slow down, pay attention, and be patient while our crossing guards safely do their jobs. Officers will be watching school zones in our city, and will take enforcement action when warranted. Violating traffic laws in school zones places others in danger and can cost drivers hundreds of dollars in fines.

We are grateful for our dedicated crossing guards, and we wish the community a safe and happy holiday season.

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