New Year’s Resolutions From the Past


Maybe you have already set resolutions for yourself this year or maybe you’ve given up entirely on new year’s resolutions. Here you’ll find a collection of voices from the past and the goals they set for themselves. Their goals are a look into the past, and also inspiration for the future.

The manual training classroom in 1917

Syracuse Sunday School
144 years ago this month, Brigham Young established a stake for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Davis County. It wasn’t until five years later that people in Syracuse began worshipping together, and still nine years after that until a meeting house was built. The minutes taken during the meetings in those early days have been preserved today.

“In making covenants and obligations we should be careful and not violate them.” – James G. Wood

“The parents should set their children good examples worthy of their imitators.” – Alma Stoker

“I would like to see proper reverence and respect shown to all sacred ordinances. We should pay attention and keep good order. Show to the Almighty the love and respect for his laws and ordinances.” – David Cook

“We should have order in our school and meetings.” – David Cook Sr.

“The influence of a father and mother hang around us no matter where we go. We all want to see our children grow up to be honorable men and women.” – Louie Call

“We are more ill-prepared for married life than any other calling in life. We should teach our children all we can. There is a great responsibility resting upon us today.” – Alice Steed

“We have as good a set of young people here as you will find any place, and they are trying to do what is right. The gospel comes to us too easy. We do not appreciate it as we should.” – Alice Ava Barber

“What we say ought to come from the heart. How much better to put flowers in the hand of the living than a whole armful after they are dead.” – Evelyne Walker

“Teaching is building character. Attitude is the most important quality. Thinking, praying, studying, and talking help to prepare a lesson. Beautiful things of life are caught not taught.” – Doris Briggs

“There is as great an opportunity to preach and teach the gospel to the youth of Zion and to incorporate in their minds correct principles as to go to the nations of the earth.” – Thomas E. Briggs

The graduating class of North Davis High School in 1915

“The most heavenly thing is to be at peace with ourselves. We should not judge others. We do not know the conditions they labor under.” – Alice Steed

“We should not partake of the spirit of not bearing children that is among us today. We are co-labrorers with God. We should not shrink this privilege. We should control ourselves and then we can govern others.” – Mary Rockwood

“As our schools are soon to start, we should be interested in the teachers also, because of the influences our children are placed under. We should teach them ourselves and not trust them to others so much.” – Chloe Lee

“If anyone needs our prayers, it is our school teachers as they are moulding the characters of our children.” – Amy Willey

The old North Davis High School building, with an extension that was added in 1914. This building was on “Gailey Corner,” the northwest corner of 200 W and 700 S

“I am pleased to meet all of the sisters, and I have a desire to come to meeting whenever I can.” – Esther Sessions

“It is our duty to teach our children to pray. If they will as they grow up, it will be a great benefit to them.” – Julia Tree

“We each benefit ourselves more by doing our duty than anyone else.” – Lillie Miller

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