Public Works Update


Christmas Tree Pick Up: Robinson Waste will pick up Christmas trees on Monday, January 4, 2021. Trees must be placed in the park strip by the curb and on top of the snow by 6 a.m.

Any that are buried under the snow will not be picked up.
1- No tree stands are to be left on the tree.
2- No flocked trees.
3- No lights, ornaments, or tinsel.
4- If trees are taller than eight feet, they must be cut in half.

Snow Preparations: As we prepare for snow, please be cautious, slow down, and help others as you commute this winter. Please remember to clear sidewalks and ramps around your property to make it safe for pedestrians. Helping a neighbor in need of snow removal is how you continue to make this community a great place.

No parking in road: Efficiency of snow removal operations on the street improves when vehicles are not parked on the roads. It is unlawful to park any vehicle within the public right of way of any street within Syracuse City limits during snowstorms and after storms, while plows are clearing roads. Please assist us this winter by making sure your vehicles are not parked on the street during a snowstorm. Offenders will be cited (Ord. 11-20-050).

No snow pushed in road: It is unlawful for any person to push or throw snow into the street or sidewalks. As you clear your driveway and walkways this winter, please throw the snow into your yard and not into the road. (Ord. 4-05-160C).

Snow Plowing Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the city website on the home page under – News & Announcements.

Frozen Water Pipes: Freezing outdoor temperatures can cause water lines to freeze. Here are a few simple precautions to avoid burst pipes: insulate exposed pipes and hose bibs, disconnect garden hoses, seal leaks, let water drip overnight, and open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under sinks near exterior walls.

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