Open Seats on City Committees

We have three committees that have open seats to be filled by volunteers:

Two Open Seats Available on the Parks Advisory Committee
The Parks Advisory Committee is a group established by the city council to provide input and advice on matters related to the city’s parks. The committee is made up of five volunteers and two City Council members. This committee currently has two open seats. At least one of the open seats needs to be filled by someone who lives east of 2000 West and south of Antelope Drive. If you are appointed to the committee, the term is for two years. The Parks Advisory Committee currently meets on an as needed basis.

One Open Seat on the Board of Adjustment
The Syracuse City Board of Adjustment is a five-member board of volunteers that hears and adjudicates applications for variances from the zoning ordinance. For example, when property owners have a unique situation that creates a hardship such that it is unfeasible to comply with the zoning ordinance, the Board of Adjustment will hear the application to see if it meets the threshold to grant a variance to the property owner. There is one open seat on the Board of Adjustment. Each member serves a five-year term, and the Board meets on an as-needed basis.

The City of Syracuse is seeking someone to fill a spot as the Alternate Planning Commission Member. This is a four-year term appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council. The Alternate attends the planning commission meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month) and votes when a regular planning commission member is absent. It is common for the Alternate to be later appointed as a full voting member of the Commission when a seat is vacated.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please submit your letter of interest via email to Shauna Greer, . The deadline to submit letters of interest is January 25th.

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