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Does your bathroom need a facelift? Schedule a design consultation and the pros at Sand & Swirl will transform it!


ReBecca and Corey Erdmann of Sand and Swirl have been making bathrooms beautiful since 2005. Their goal is to make sure your surfaces are beautiful and easy to clean. Their high-tech, new, grout-free bathroom products are much easier to care for than traditional tile. They can be wiped down easily or you can use a squeegee on them. Tile and grout can require frequent scrubbing, resealing, maintenance, and sometimes they just never look clean. With today’s busy lifestyle, everyone needs the cleaning to be fast and easy.

Sand and Swirl is a local, family-owned company. They are a manufacturer of solid surface materials, so the finish surfaces for your new bathroom are being custom-made right here in Ogden. They make each piece individually to fit the space in your room. For instance, they can create a shower floor that is all one piece so you won’t have joints and it will be easier to clean and worry free. They have gathered a large number of great reviews because of their commitment to doing the highest quality work. “We’ve got a great team,” Rebecca says. “None of the magic could happen without our showroom team, the manufacturing team, and our experienced professional installers. They’ll make sure your project is perfect before they leave.”

What’s new in bathroom design? Sand and Swirl is now carrying a new product that looks like subway tile but is grout free. It has the same look as tile but is one solid piece, and it’s just as easy to clean as the rest of their products. Another new design option is a product called sandstone. It was recently featured in the parade of homes and has an interesting natural texture with long vein patterns. It looks a little like a wood grain and has neutral colors, both grays and warm tones, so it can go with either warm or cool color schemes.

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a facelift, you can schedule a design consultation. Sand and Swirl has a huge selection of solid surface products. There are endless combinations of texture, color, and style. The Sand and Swirl team is constantly keeping an eye on the latest design trends and customer requests, so they can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. And don’t worry, they know you’re dreaming of a bathroom that requires almost no effort to look beautiful! They can help you narrow down your choices based on your preferences, personal style, and your budget. Their products come in many different price ranges, so there is something to fit into every budget.

Are you planning to remodel right away? You’re not alone. Sand and Swirl has been exceptionally busy during 2020. It was a big year for remodeling and new construction, and they’ve been very busy. But they’re still happy to help you, and they’ll get you on their spring schedule. It’s time to enjoy your new bathroom.

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