Traffic Safety

Making sure you follow the rules of the road is extremely important for maintaining safety for you and others around you. In 2019, a total of 3,271 motor vehicle crashes occurred in Utah work zones, resulting in 20 deaths. According to the Federal Highway Administration and the Utah Department of Public Safety, speeding and distracted driving were the highest contributing factors to these fatal work zone crashes.

Work zones are dynamic places that can change from minute to minute. UDOT and Syracuse City urges drivers to be safe and help reach Zero Fatalities by:

• Driving the posted speed limit.
• Paying 100 percent attention to the roadway, as lanes are often narrowed and shifted for construction.
• Eliminating distracting activities, such as changing radio/music, using mobile devices (surfing, tweeting, talking, texting), eating and drinking, putting on makeup, and reaching while driving.
• Minimizing lane changes within the work zone.
• Merging into the proper lane well before reaching a lane closure.
• Watching out for workers and their equipment in the work zone, as they can be especially hard to see at night.

Check out these videos for more information:

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