QUESTION: What is the current sales tax percentage that I should use when ordering items? Are some products taxed differently or tax exempt?

Answer: The sales tax for purchases made in Syracuse (or ordered online or from catalogues for a Syracuse household) is currently 7.25%. This percentage includes all of the applicable sales taxes (State: 4.85%, Syracuse: 1%, Davis County: 0.25%, Transit/Highway: 1.05%, and Syracuse Recreation Arts and Parks: 0.1%). Sales tax rates are subject to change by governing bodies.

Grocery foods are currently subject to a reduced tax of 3%. Whether an item qualifies as a grocery food depends upon the facts. The Utah Tax Commission provides some guidance and a graphical flowchart at

Other commodities are entirely exempt from sales tax under state law (prescribed medication is one example). Any item that is exempt from state sales tax by law is also exempt from local sales taxes; sales tax collection and distribution is handled entirely by the Utah State Tax Commission.

Services are not currently subject to sales tax, but goods installed (pipes, car parts, etc.) are.

Questions about specific transactions or goods should be directed to the Tax Commission or a tax professional.

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