Photo by Syracuse Resident, Ian Roemer

Syracuse Resident, Ian Roemer, took this photo from the eastern side of Pineview Reservoir. These ice hockey players cleared off some of the snow to have some fun on the ice. Ian snapped this as the setting sun cast a sunbeam onto them. There are just a few people skating in this picture, but all of them sitting on the sidelines were involved in a game of ice hockey earlier.

In the middle of the picture, there is a log that someone has pulled out onto the ice. Ian said people do this to help with fish habitat. When the ice melts, the log will eventually sink to the bottom. This provides a good spot for fish to take shelter, and for fishermen to find them. Just outside of the picture, there were also ice fishermen out enjoying the day.

In the background of the photo, you can see the mountains and its network of ski runs up at Snow Basin. Whether it’s ice skating, ice fishing, or skiing, it’s clear that cold weather opens up a whole new set of possibilities for outdoor fun here in Northern Utah. Get out and enjoy it!

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