Women in Business

By Jenny Goldsberry • Photos by Adam Phillips

Leading up to this issue, we asked the community to nominate women to feature in this article. We want to use our platform to celebrate women in the workplace and also inspire others. I felt inspired myself as I interviewed these women because their stories proved that there are spectacular people in Syracuse and everybody has something to bring to the table.

Becky Jorgensen

Becky says she’s had an entrepreneurial spirit since her father owned and operated a drug store that sold just about everything. Growing up in that made her want to run her own business. She started selling window coverings and then moved on to flooring. If you ask her, she learned everything she knows about business from the school of hard knocks, but her advice is to never give up. While it took some years before her business really took off, now, with her five kids grown with kids of their own, she says “it’s been a very gratifying career . . . I feel fortunate to have landed where I did.”

Lisa Bingham

Aside from being City Councilwoman, Clearfield High Alumni President and Vice Chair of Utah Republican Women Association, Lisa is a blogger, humor columnist, mother and grandmother. While she was at first hesitant to start her political career, she realized that it was her civic duty. “All politics is, is a lot of people working to inform people,” she said. It wasn’t at all what she expected, but she says she still loves it. Syracuse is changing fast and she enjoys planning for its future alongside the other council members and their exceptional staff.

Angie Osguthorpe

Angie has been with the Davis County Chamber of Commerce for 11 years, and has served as President for the past 6 years. She settled in Northern Utah after moving from Missouri to receive her Masters of Business Administration from Brigham Young University and has raised her three awesome children here. Her favorite things about the Davis Chamber are meeting and working with the amazing people, helping the economy thrive, and planning for the future. She always says that there are challenges to growth, but they are much better than the challenges of stagnation. She is excited about the future of Davis County.

Check back often over the next few weeks for more inspiring Women in Business!

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