Women in Business: Stacie & Heather Olsen – OsteoStrong

Starting a new business during the pandemic sure has been challenging. But what we have here at OsteoStrong is worth the struggle!

Seeing our members’ smiling faces as they walk through the door for their weekly session makes it all worth it. OsteoStrong is a new concept in Utah, which has been a bit of a challenge. There are over 140 OsteoStrong centers worldwide. Our members feel more confident and have seen their balance improve. They are becoming stronger, and we have already seen improvements in a few of our members’ bone density.”

Sisters-in-law Stacie and Heather Olsen are franchise owners of the Syracuse center.

Stacie is a mom of three amazing kids. She is a Military Wife. She has taken on the responsibilities of a business woman. When she first heard about OsteoStrong and what this amazing company could do for the community, she was on board! Sacrificing her time away from her family has been worth it when she sees the incredible results members are seeing after coming to our center for a year. Hearing the results some of our members have had after getting their bone density scan after their first full year is incredible. Stacie is a go-getter and ready to take on any new challenges.

Heather also has three children of her own, but also has three step-children. They are kind of like the “Brady Bunch”! Heather owns a successful trucking company and helps with the center. Being in this rewarding industry is right where she has always wanted to be. “We love teaching our children that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Providing service to our community has been the most rewarding thing that either of us has ever experienced. We hope our children can see how this opportunity has provided us with the ability to give back. Helping our community gain their independence back is the inspiration for us to do what we do!”

Opening the center in Syracuse has given them the opportunity to meet the community and help them improve their quality of life. “We work our entire adult lives and feel that, when we reach retirement, that is where life begins. Many people, men and women alike, suffer from osteoporosis, joint and back pain, but we feel that our community should have the ability to live life at its fullest! Our program uses a process known as Osteogenic Loading, which delivers measurable results, unleashing physical freedom for our members. We are making our community stronger, one person at a time!”

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