Council Adopts New Rules for On-Street Parking

No Overnight Parking During Winter Months

The Syracuse City Council approved a change to its on-street parking ordinance on February 9th. The ordinance now requires all vehicles to be parked off the street between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 a.m. from November 15 to March 15.

This is consistent with the ordinances of neighboring jurisdictions and is intended to increase the efficiency of snow removal efforts, as well as prevent nuisance behavior by those parking numerous vehicles on roads on a regular basis.

The council discussed these changes at length in their January work session. The previous code only prohibited (and still does) parking on the road during the accumulation or removal of snow on a road – meaning that if it was snowing or the snowplows were out, the cars needed to be off the road. Those who traditionally use the road for overnight parking have been caught off-guard by an unexpected snowstorm during the night. This ordinance removes the guesswork from whether to leave your car on the road overnight during the winter or not – from now on, just don’t do it.

48-hour Limit for On-Street Parking

Additionally, the council has introduced a restriction against parking for more than forty-eight hours at a time on city streets. This applies during all twelve months of the year. The reasoning behind this change included keeping inoperable or abandoned vehicles off the road, avoiding the nuisance of single residences monopolizing multiple parking locations, and increasing safety by removing visual barriers for pedestrians and drivers.

The limit is applicable to all public roads within the city, including cul-de-sacs. State roads are governed by state law, which has as similar prohibition.

The ordinance removed a prior stipulation which permitted inoperable vehicles to be parked for up to seven days on the road. They are now treated like any other vehicle and must be relocated off-street within forty-eight hours.

Heavy Truck Parking

Heavy vehicles, such as semi-trucks, may not be parked for longer than either twenty-four hours if they are between 10,000 pounds and 26,000 pounds of total gross weight, or longer than two hours if they exceed 26,000 pounds. This prohibition only extended to residential zones previously, but abuses in the commercial areas were leading to safety and nuisance concerns by property owners whose area was reportedly inundated with semi-trucks (with no connection to the businesses nearby) parking for long periods of time.

The intent of this ordinance is not to prevent business from occurring – deliveries and moving trucks may continue as usual.


Most of our parking enforcement is driven by complaints from citizens. We will be pro-active in enforcement during active snowplow operations, due to the increased risk of injury or damage associated with cars parking on roads being plowed.

However, a lack of city-wide compliance or enforcement is not a defense to a parking ticket. Where possible, the city will attempt to warn and give additional notice to drivers who may not be aware of these changes. Please be patient with our ordinance enforcement officials as they work to gain voluntary compliance.

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