Happy 90th Birthday Phillip Gooch!

Phillip Gooch is a one-of-a-kind friend, neighbor, husband, grandpa, dog-lover, and dad!


Phillip Gooch will turn 90 years old on April 8, 2021. Having lived in Syracuse with his family for over five decades, Phillip has always been proud to be part of the Syracuse community and willing to serve anyone in need. Phillip was an only child born and raised in Waterville, Maine. He joined the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Hill Air Force Base, where he met and married his sweet wife, Beverline in the 1950s. He loved being around her family, never having had brothers or sisters. Knowing what it was like to be alone as an only child, he was determined that their eight children would never have to experience that. He was married to Beverline for 61 years. In 2016, “his sparkle,” as he called Beverline, passed away. Dad stayed with her in the hospital till her last breath. Their love and commitment for each other have always been a great example to their children, 19 grandchildren, and 34 great-grandchildren.

Some of Phil’s most memorable sayings, which are loved by his family and that he has used as he has greeted people or talked to his family over his 90 years, include the following:

• Give me 20 acres, and I’ll turn this rig around.
• Wants and Needs? (whenever you wanted to spend money on something like a new car).
• Still live in the same place you do now?
• Time dosen’t grow on trees.
• Were you born in a barn? (whenever you leave a door open or lights on in a room you just left).
• Did you pack a lunch or walk to work?
• This is dumber then a boxs of rocks!
• You can’t get nothing done just sitting here!
• To his family that lived in Mt. Green, Utah, “Is it dark in Mt. Green yet?”

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  1. I’m sitting here in the nursing home with my father in law Warren lema and he was good friends with Phillip and would love to call and say hello

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