Your City Council at Work

On April 13, the council gathered for a business meeting. Here’s a synopsis of their actions:

• Drought-Related Restrictions for Secondary Water Use: Following the lead of Governor Cox, the council addressed the water shortages that our state and local water supplies will be facing. They authorized the public works department to take enforcement action against those wasting water, and also delayed the pressurization of the secondary system until May 1. We (along with other jurisdictions) are expecting nearly half of the water that we are normally allotted. Using less water in the cool spring months will reserve water for use in drier months.

• Interlocal Agreement Regarding Paramedic Service: Over the next two years, Davis County will cease providing paramedic service. The council approved an agreement between the county, and cities in Davis County will allow for an orderly transfer of that service to SYFD.

• Osteoporosis Awareness Day: The council and mayor have declared May 22, 2021 to be Syracuse City Osteoporosis Awareness Day. All citizens are encouraged to learn about and take action to prevent or mitigate osteoporosis in our community.

• Appointments: The council consented to the mayor’s appointments of Lonn Hunter and Kyler Mecham to the Planning Commission, Shawn Gilbert to the Board of Adjustment, and Jennifer Eagle to the Disaster Preparedness Committee.

• Budget Amendment: The FY21 budget was amended, including allocating funding for replacing a retaining wall along 2200 West, adding lights to the pickleball courts at Founder’s Park, and various other adjustments.

• General Plan Map Amendment: The general plan map was amended for properties around the previous RC Willey site to potentially allow for medium density housing.

• Sale of Land Near Cemetery: A real estate purchase contract related to some of the land owned by the city, north of the Cemetery, was approved with conditions.

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