Summer Bucket List for Adults

Our summer bucket list tradition continues, and now we have a fun list centered on activities for the adults!

Make some room in your summer calendar to do a couple of these activities that would be a great date night or grab some friends and go!

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Even if you have seen our hometown from an airplane, I imagine the experience is quite different in a basket of a hot air balloon. Imagine the coolness of the morning air as you silently float 4,000 feet above Ogden Valley. The memory is sure to last a lifetime! Skywalker Balloon Company can take you up; you can call (801) 824-3934 to get their rates. You can also mark your calendars for the third weekend in August to attend the Eden Balloon Festival. There, they offer tethered balloon flights where you can still get in the air for, what I imagine, a cheaper price.


The first place I think of when I think of exotic meat is Roy, Utah’s Burger Bar. I make the drive past the joint regularly, and it’s always interesting to see their exotic meat of the week on the standup sign on the sidewalk: yak, alligator, and some animals I’ve never heard of before. When I go to a restaurant, I tend to order what I know I like, but every now and again, it’s fun to have what I call a “form an opinion” meal. Oceanmart is also a cool place to visit, and they have recipes posted around if you want to make something you’ve never prepared before, like crab or even octopus! One time, my husband brought home an octopus, and I’m proud to say I tried it, but eating it was freaky-deaky.


Ogden is really developing into quite the art hub, and Ogden’s history seems to be the foundation of the feel in the downtown scene. Step into a world of creative inspiration by visiting the Union Station on June 12 and 13 to attend the Ogden Arts Festival. Check out the artist booths, music, theater, kid’s activities, urban arts area, and artisan food vendors. You can enjoy a variety of local and regional artists, creatives, and entertainers. If you’re feeling inspired to create on your own and want to swap some supplies, visit the unique and fun art experience. We will host live music, theater, and dance performances throughout both festival days, giving you yet another great reason to attend and stay a while.


Succulents are resilient little plants and a good way to cut your teeth on keeping plants alive. Succulents propagate as they grow, and most of them grow a new plant if you break off a leaf or a stem from the main plant. Chances are, some of your friends and neighbors have some they’re willing to share. Talk with them and have a succulent swap! I know my mom is trying to thin out the hens and chicks in her flowerbed that are encroaching on her daffodils. If you’re looking for more guidance, Utah State University is hosting an All About Succulents class at the Ogden Botanical Gardens on July 15, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Bring your own container, and they will provide the plants, soil, and expertise! The class is $45, and you can register at Call USU Extension with questions (801) 399-8200


You can go to the park closest to you, a pond in the area, or plop down in a patch of dirt on a hike, like we did a month ago. Having a picnic means trading your frequent mealtime table and chair for an out-of-the ordinary spot. With roughly 21 meals in a week, enjoy one of them by breathing in some fresh air and soaking in some nature while you eat. Your picnic doesn’t have to be perfect. You can pick something up on your way or feast on a perfectly planned epic picnic smorgasbord. This month, we put together some awesome picnic ideas for the recipe in case you need some picnic planning inspiration. Picnic at Centennial Park in Syracuse, Beus Pond, Layton Commons Park, or any trail in the mountains.


It’s about 50 trail miles to get to Salt Lake City, but with the help of the FrontRunner, you only need to bike one way! Several years ago, I did this, and it was so fun and exhausting, both of which made it all the more memorable. The Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail begins in Roy and connects to the Legacy parkway trail just north of Bountiful. This will connect you to the Jordan River Parkway Trail. The trail eventually crosses North Temple, and that takes you to the North Temple FrontRunner Station. North Temple is rated as a high-comfort road to bike on in Salt Lake, since there is a bike lane on the shoulder. If you’re too tired to ride or you just don’t want to ride on the roads, you can always take the TRAX to the station. Celebrate your arrival by grabbing some food at your favorite restaurant in Salt Lake. I suggest Taqueria 27; their tacos are unique and really tasty. Just remember to get to the station before the last train departs for the night and to arrive with plenty of time to purchase your ticket. The touchscreens on the kiosks can be a bit finicky. Use and to plan it out. Also, keep in mind that FrontRunner stations are all along the journey to Salt Lake, so it’s easy to have a plan B if 50 miles isn’t in the cards.


This summer go to Ruckus Axe Throwing to hone your skills or to try it out for your first time. The goal is to throw the axe and firmly plant its blade in the wood target on the wall. The staff there are good teachers and they can help you learn the two approaches: either two-handed, over-the-head, which is preferred by most, and a one-handed approach that happened to work better for me. It certainly can be an entertaining way to connect with friends or go out on a date. You can also check out the Ruckus Rage Cage and obliterate a box of bottles. Usually, when you break a dish at home, it’s something that elicits feelings of regret. Not the case here! Whether you’re looking to let off some steam or not, you’ll probably have a good time either throwing axes at walls or smashing things.

Brayden, a partner there, said that, so far, they are 100% at getting people to be able to stick at least one axe in the target. It is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of things and follow the instructions, you will be able to stick one for sure. Brayden and his partners are good teachers.


Check out the Sunken Gardens at Lava Hot Springs! These gardens are free of charge and showcase native and imported plants and flowers.

At Lava Hot springs, you get all the thrills of a fun waterpark at a reasonable price. Jumping from any of the Olympic diving platforms are sure to leave a lasting memory for those brave enough to free-fall from its five-, seven-, and 10-meter heights. I haven’t been to Lava Hot Springs yet, but I remember my friends in Junior High and High school talking about how thrilling those platforms were. Another adrenaline-pumping option is the speed slides that can get you flying up to 35 mph! When you come to the complex, guests are welcome to pack canopies and coolers to hang out all day. The indoor facility also has a kiddie cove if you want to bring your little ones along for the fun. There’s something for everyone! A good way to wind down from a fun-filled day in the cool of the evening is to relax in Idaho’s world-famous Geothermal Hot Springs that range from 102 ̊ to 112 ̊.

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