Your City Council at Work

On May 11, the council met in a business meeting and took the following actions:
• UTOPIA coming to Syracuse. The council authorized the execution of an agreement with the Utah Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA), and the agreement will be considered by their board in June. Once the deal is finalized, we expect the network to begin expanding soon, and the contract requires 100% service availability in the city by the end of Summer 2023. Watch for more news!
• Appointed Ryan Wessel to the Syracuse City Planning Commission as a full member, and Clarisa Wright as a Youth Court Advisor
• Authorized changes to the bylaws and ordinances governing the Syracuse Arts Council
• Agreed to co-sponsor multiple activities by the North Davis Communities that Care (CTC)
through in-kind support
• Authorized execution of an agreement with Davis County to run our 2021 municipal election
• Approved zone change and preliminary plat request
for property at 1000 W 1900 S from A-1 to Planned Residential Development (PRD)
• Authorized a Utility Betterment Agreement with UDOT regarding the West Davis Corridor project
• Accepted the tentative fiscal year 2022 budget, which will be considered next month
• Amended ordinances related to the Parks Advisory Committee
• Amended several ordinances related to administrative appeals
• Adopted a policy that will govern any city-sponsored youth program overnight trips

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