Water Storage and Purification for an Emergency


A good filter or chlorine are the two best ways to purify water. Clean water can mean the difference in life or death. Lack of water will kill in three days, but after 36 hours, your judgment can be seriously impaired.

The official guideline is to store one gallon per person each day for two weeks, or 14 gallons for each family member. In addition, you must also store the ability to purify water after your initial supply has been exhausted. This can be as simple as chlorine and basic pool test kit.

Be sure to store your water supply in a cool dark area on pieces of wood and not directly on concrete or dirt. Bacteria growth will be discouraged if the container is both airtight and opaque, as bacteria needs both air and light to grow. Use only brand-new barrels. Barrels are great to collect new water such as rainwater from your roof downspout.

Water purification methods:

Clorox Bleach: Please do not use unless you have nothing else! There are so many other ingredients in this product nowdays that can hurt us.

Boiling: Minimum of 10 and up to 20 minutes, so you must have a lot of fuel stored. 20 minutes or more to kill giardia. Water tastes very flat after this kind of boiling.

Iodine: Bad side effects can occur, such as thyroid storm in some women. Iodine has a peculiar odor and taste that some people cannot tolerate. Never use for more than 72 hours at any one time.

Purifiers: Costs a lot of money and are very slow because you need filtration to .02 microns or it is no good for giardia. Porcelain type will take out some types of radiation (Alpha and Beta).


  1. Fill barrel with clear water
  2. Add 1/8 teaspoon chlorinating granules
  3. Wait 24 hours
  4. Test water for chlorine with pool test kit
    A. Fill small container with sample of water
    B. Add 1 Drop of OTO Liquid (Yellow Cap)
    C. If water turns yellow, chlorine is present and water is purified
  5. Allow chlorine to evaporate out (24-72 hrs)
  6. If water sample does NOT turn yellow, repeat steps 2-6


On April 17th, 2021, Syracuse City hosted a disaster preparedness exercise to help Syracuse families familiarize themselves with certain options that are available during a disaster. The exercise consisted of joining a Zoom meeting and leaving their names in the zoom chat. In a disaster, this could help Syracuse know of the families’ needs and/or situations. Door prizes were awarded to 10 callers, picked at random, for participation. The Syracuse City Disaster Preparedness Committee would like to thank the following local business that contributed for these door prizes and helped make the exercise a success:

Davis County Library
Iceberg Restaurant
Willy Wash & Detail
Little Caesars
Hug-Hes Café
Lifetime Products
A Insurance Agencies

Paul’s Automotive
Elmore Chiropractic
Air Force Recruiting Office
Russon Mortuary
Rentmeister Total Home Service

Ed Kenley Ford
Walmart Super Center
The Rush Funplex
Ruckus Axe Throwing
Syracuse City Police Dept
Arctic Circle
Duane Cheney Chairman

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