Your City Council at Work

On June 8, the council met in a business meeting and took the following actions:

  1. Budget-related items:
    • Adopted Operating Budget and Scheduled Truth in Taxation Hearing. After six months of work, the council approved the annual operating budget. A truth in taxation hearing has been set for August 10. Adjustments to tax rates in the county and city related to the transfer of paramedic services constitute the largest item addressed in a proposed city tax increase (with the county expected to eliminate the tax currently levied for paramedics).
    • Updated wage scale for Syracuse employees
    • Approved participation rates in Syracuse employee retirement systems
    • Approved budget adjustment for FY21 budget
    • Updated impact fee plans related to public safety
    • Amended the city’s fee schedule
  2. Approved appointment of Brigham Young and Lisa Schwartz to the Syracuse Disaster Preparedness Committee, and Ryan Snarr to the Syracuse Architectural Review Committee.
  3. Planning & Land Use items:
    • Approved final plat for Antelope’s Edge PRD at 1900 S 1000 W
    • Denied zone change request to Industrial at 1998 W 2700 S
    • Approved general plan map amendment to High Density Residential at 2376 W 1700 S
  4. Authorized interlocal agreements with Clinton and Sunset related to the provision of victim advocacy services and an amendment to the agreement with Davis County related to paramedic services.
  5. Authorized real estate purchase contract for necessary widening of 2400 W
  6. Authorized agreement with Corbin Design for development of a signage plan
  7. Authorized surplus of five police vehicles
  8. Amended ordinance related to excavations in city right-of-way

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