Your City Council at Work

On July 13, the council met in a business meeting and took the following actions:

1. Directed staff to convert multiple park strips abutting City Hall and Community Center into xeriscaping

2. Planning & Land Use items:
• Appointed Lonn Hunter to the Planning Commission as a voting member
• Adopted the North Davis Active Transportation Plan for transportation planning purposes
• Approved a zone change and preliminary plat for the Parkwest Subdivision, located on the old RC Willey site, to Planned Residential Development with a mixture of single-family and townhomes
• Approved a zone change for property located at 2400 W 2700 S to R-3 with single-family homes
• Approved a zone change for the Towns at City Center project, located on the North side of the City Center, to Mixed-Used Residential with commercial and townhome units

3. Authorized a Memorandum of Understanding to allow the Bird Scooters to temporarily operate their motorized scooter rental business

4. Approved the acceptance of funds under the American Rescue Plan Act

5. Denied a request for waiver of a fine for violating the city’s watering restrictions

6. Authorized sale of a perpetual Communications Easement for the cell tower at 2400 W 2900 S

7. Authorized agreement with Advance Building Care for janitorial services at city facilities

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