“He Knows How to Serve and Loves It.”

When Josh Grow decided to become a certified mechanic, he didn’t realize he would miss customer interaction. When preparing to graduate, he was pursuing an internship with one of the large automotive manufacturers back east and realized that he couldn’t keep his mechanic job while leaving for a season. His dad, Roger, was in the process of buying A-Insurance at the time and offered him a job with the option to leave for his internship and come back if he wanted. He accepted, quickly became licensed, and began working with clients before leaving for his internship. Josh enjoyed his time at Cummins but later realized that he missed the face-to-face interaction he had with clients. He liked the problem solving he experienced as a mechanic but missed the relationships with customers. With insurance, he was able to walk his clients through the challenges they faced when needing insurance and personally helped them fix their problems.

Today, Josh runs the Kaysville office, with plans to eventually buy the business down the road when his father decides to retire. He and his staff call themselves the “Get it done” office, because of their efforts to get things done quickly and to just take care of business. Josh is a young business influencer who was nominated by a community member. When talking about Josh, Roger said, “He is smarter than me, has bigger muscles, and is driven with doctor smarts. If blood didn’t make him pass out, he would have been a doctor. He knows how to serve and loves it.”

Building a personal client relationship is a passion.



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