Serving in the Community Has Been His Lifestyle

Steve Reich is a longtime resident of Syracuse. He is well known for his outgoing personality and his stellar choice of footware. The focus of his business is helping companies, both large and small, to share their messages. “Helping local entrepreneurs grow their businesses helps to grow our community.” And he loves to help the community. He encourages people and businesses to help each other, to share their experiences, and lift everyone together.

Well-respected in his field, Steve is one of only 13 Master Trainers of Guerilla Marketing, and he co-authored the best-selling book on the subject. He and his team strive to help businesses invent unique, creative ways to promote themselves. “You need to find ways to fit into your market, but also stand out above the competition.” Many business owners got started because they love what they do. It usually wasn’t because they loved marketing. R Marketing Department can help navigate the complexities of marketing.

Serving in the community has been a lifestyle for Steve. In 2010, he was the recipient of the “Heroes Among Us” award. He was described as a superman of service, for his consistent work to give back to others.

Serving in the community has been a lifestyle for Steve.

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