Your City Council at Work

On August 10th, the council met in a business meeting and took the following actions:

  1. Established the tax rate for property taxes assessed by Syracuse City
  2. Appointed Jeremy Turner to the Architectural Review Committee, Amy Gill to the Board of Adjustment, and Robert Kirk to the Parks Advisory Committee
  3. Land Use Issues:
    • Approved rezone application from A-1 to MXD and GC for the property at 817 W. 1700 S.
    • Approved the amendment of the development agreement governing the Holt Mixed Use Development at 1225 W. 1700 S. to allow single-story commercial office units.
    • Approved a rezone application from GC to PRD for a townhome development at 2376 W. 1700 S.
  1. Updated fees associated with hydrant water use by developers
  2. Amended the council’s bylaws and procedures to address electronic participation in meetings

The council also held a town hall meeting on August 5th to explain the changes to the paramedic service within Syracuse and to discuss secondary water issues related to the drought.

You can participate in council meetings by attending in-person or virtually through Zoom. Public comment is accepted from both in-person and virtual attendees.

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