Message from Mayor Gailey

In 1954, Congress passed the bill that President Eisenhower signed, proclaiming November 11th as Veterans Day. Since that date, we’ve acknowledged the sacrifices of those who gave something;,many their all. This year, I’d like to dedicate this space to all Syracuse veterans, living and deceased. To honor all, I have chosen one to represent them: Larry Kerr. Larry was born in Coshoctor, Ohio. He married our hometown girl, Shuree Cook.

Larry is a veteran of the Vietnam War. My life’s history is profoundly linked to this conflict. When many were running from the draft in the 60s, Larry enlisted to fight a very unpopular war. Now a disabled vet, Larry still serves his peers. Congressman Chris Stewart said it best:

“I would like to recognize and thank Larry Kerr, a Utah veteran who served his country in the Air Force for 20 years, including through the Vietnam War followed by time in Korea. Since finishing his Air Force Service, Larry has helped countless veterans in our state receive due benefits and is the recipient of the Cold War Victory Medal. Larry has dealt with medical conditions due to Agent Orange and has assisted many veterans in navigating these same challenges. I am so grateful for his service, his sacrifice, the sacrifice of his family, and his constant dedication to fellow veterans. I am honored to welcome him to Washington D.C. as part of Utah’s Honor Flight.”

Now, Larry is active in awarding the Cold War Victory Medal to veterans of the Cold War. He and his wife, Shuree, have made presentations throughout the state. We can all be proud of our Syracuse veterans, Larry being an example of them all. Larry will be honored at the November 9th city council meeting by the Syracuse City Youth Commission. Come and meet Larry and Shuree and other hometown heroes.

Mayor Mike Gailey

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