Your City Council at Work

On December 14, the council met in a business meeting and took the following actions:

  1. Received and reviewed the results of Syracuse City’s annual audit
  2. Considered an appeal from the Planning Commission and gave conditional approval to a site plan under review related to the Towns at City Center development
  3. Approved an amendment to the development agreement related to the Shoreline development, increasing the available options for building architecture in the project
  4. Determined not to rename a portion of Bluff Road, north of Antelope Drive, which will be bisected due to the construction of the West Davis Corridor
  5. Amended the FY2022 budget to provide additional compensation for public safety employees
  6. Amended the wage scale for public safety employees
  7. Opted to not participate in a settlement process involving the State of Utah and opioid manufacturers and distributers

You can participate in council meetings by attending in person or virtually through Zoom. Public comment is accepted from both in-person and virtual attendees.

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