Public Works Update

Public works is dedicated to contributing to a safe environment for the community by providing fast and courteous service. Public works handles all matters regarding water, stormwater, sewer, land drain, streets, street signs, streetlamps, as well as pothole and sidewalk repairs. For any concerns related to these matters, the first contact made must be to our public works department. Although social media is a great tool for mass communication, the most effective response related to a public works concern will come from a phone call or an online fix-it request from our website. Both methods are available 24 hours a day. For public works related emergency situations that occur after hours, phone calls can be made to an emergency hotline.

Stormwater runoff
When water flows across our lawns, driveways, and roads (rain, melting snow, etc.), it picks up fertilizers, pet waste, engine oil, and more. It’s called stormwater runoff, and the pollutants it carries are transported straight to our streams, rivers, and lakes. This is not filtered nor treated. The storm drain system flows directly to our local waterways. Even soil can be considered a pollutant when excess sediment washes into the storm drain and clouds up our waterways; when the dirt settles, it could clog the pipe and cause a flood. Let us all do our part and keep pollutants out of the storm drains. This differs from the sanitary sewer system that your house is connected to, where wastewater is sent to a treatment plant and is treated before it returns to our waterways.

Stormwater runoff is a major cause of water pollution in our nation’s waterways, and one that is extremely difficult to regulate. We all contribute to pollutants in runoff, and we can all help protect our water quality. May we all do our part and continue to have a beautiful city.

The best way to reach the Public Works Department is through a phone call or online fix it request.

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