Early Season Ben Lomond Peak


The mountains are calling!

Am I the only one looking up at the mountains to see how the melt is going? The front of Ben Lomond is starting to look mostly snow-free, but the back is still covered. But who wants to wait? The mountains are calling.

The trailheads and the lower part of the trail are clear, and everything is lush and green this year. I used the Cutler Trail this week. About half way up, I encountered snow, and the upper part of the trail is still completely buried. I used snowshoes for extra traction and lift and an ice axe on the upper part for safety.

Your feet will likely need more traction and micro-spikes will work great

There was an inch of fresh snow, but it was melting quickly. It was 39 degrees when I started hiking, but 57 when I got back down. I put on and took off a lot of layers during the hike. For spring weather, be prepared for any temperature. You’ll also need some extra traction for your feet, micro-spikes, snowshoes, or crampons.

It’s time to start hiking. Spring is an amazing season to be out, even though temperatures and conditions vary widely. We don’t have to wait until the snow is gone to enjoy our mountains. Happy Trails!

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