Public Works Update

Our largest reservoir Echo, is only 33% full and it’s essential to continue water conservation efforts.

Water Supply
Our water supply comes from the Weber River Watershed. All the precipitation that drains from the mountain tops into the valleys that drain into the Weber River and its tributaries generates the water supply that we use for both indoor drinking water (culinary) and outdoor water (secondary) for landscapes. Culinary water is treated to drinking quality, whereas secondary water is not treated at all. A series of reservoirs along the Weber River store water to fill our needs. The largest reservoir is Echo Reservoir, which is an indicator of our water supply for the year. When Echo is full, supply will sustain our needs for the year. Last year, Echo maxed out at 45% full, which put our watershed in drought conditions. This year, the snowpack and soil moisture has improved, but Echo is at 33% full. Significant precipitation is still needed to fill Echo this year. It is essential to continue water conservation efforts.

During this time of season, before the rain falls, we would appreciate your help to sweep the curb and gutters and dispose of any leaves, dirt, and debris into your garbage can. Keeping storm drain grates clear will improve the flow and quality of waters going to the Great Salt Lake. This will help beautify the city and create great curb appeal. When fertilizing the lawn, please apply chemicals sparingly and follow directions accordingly. Don’t allow fertilizer to get onto the streets or into the curb and gutter; if this happens, please sweep up excess and dispose of properly. Thank you so much for making Syracuse City look appealing.

Before secondary water is turned on, please remember to close your valves to prevent flooding situations. This month is a good time to prepare your sprinkler system and make repairs. It is recommended that you install your own shutoff valve and filter if you don’t already have one.

Public Works is a local facility that can accept excess road salt for disposal. Contact Public Works during business hours 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 801-825-7235

See the Syracuse website for road CONSTRUCTION PROJECT UPDATES.

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