Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking students who are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools. Great job!

Hannah Laws
Syracuse Arts Academy Jr. High

Hannah is a student who willingly takes on challenges, which helps her develop mental fortitude and confidence. She is respectful of others as well as herself. She has already developed skills that will help her as she navigates her life. Her maturity and growth go well beyond her age. Hannah is an invaluable asset to the student body at Syracuse Arts Academy Jr. High (SAA). She is a member of SAA’s National Junior Honor Society as well as SAA’s Hope Squad. Both give her an opportunity to serve and help her fellow students. She is always there when she is needed. She maintains high standards and is an example to other students. It is students like Hannah who give our school the high reputation it has.

We want to thank Hannah for her hard work in school and the example she sets. We believe that in whatever she chooses to do in life, she will be great!

Marshall Cook
Syracuse Arts Academy Jr. High

Marshall is a member of several musical groups at Syracuse Arts Academy Jr. High. It takes concentration, dedication, and mental endurance to be able to jump from one instrument and group to another, especially at concerts, but Marshall does just that. He performs like a seasoned professional.

As a musician, Marshall recognizes that he is part of a larger group. In his music classes, he works every day to improve each group by helping other musicians, making copies, organizing supplies, and generally being a great example of cooperation and leadership.

Marshall has a calm personality, good attitude, and excellent work ethic. He is also kind. His work ethic, kindness, and cooperative attitude will be just as important to his future success, as will his ability with his instruments. Marshall is a great asset to SAA, and we look forward to his future successes in school and in life!

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