A monthly update on new builds around Syracuse


There is a lot of construction going on in Syracuse, and we would like to share what’s going on in the area. Both the Arlo complex and the Holt complex share similar characters in two different locations. Both of these developments are designated as “Mixed Use Development.” This requires that they contain both commercial and residential elements. The Holt, located at 1283 West Antelope Drive, will take up 16.56 acres and contain 308 apartment units, 43 townhomes, and a few commercial units. The Arlo, located at 1750 West Antelope Drive, will take up 12 acres and contain 250 apartment units and a few commercial units. The commercial units at both developments will be retail and office units. Both apartment complexes contain a clubhouse, pool, dog park, playground, and ample parking for residents and businesses.

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