New Signs at Jensen Nature Park!

Many of you probably have visited our beautiful Jensen Park. Over the years, many domesticated pet animals, in particular ducks, have been abandoned here. This spring, the city will be adding new educational signs at Jensen Park. The signs will educate visitors about the dangers of feeding bread to waterfowl, both for their health and the water quality. We know many of you enjoy feeding the waterfowl at Jensen Park, so the signs will include alternative things to feed, such as oats, cooked rice, duck or chicken food, and even corn.

The signs will also educate visitors that abandoning domesticated pet animals, such as ducks, is a crime and punishable under Utah animal cruelty laws. Domestic pet animals, such as ducks, geese, and rabbits, are not equipped to survive at parks or in nature. Jensen Park was created to help humans connect with nature and wildlife and is not a place for abandoning domestic pet animals. We hope these signs encourage positive changes and help maintain our parks’ beauty and health.

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