Public Works Update

Water Shortage
Utah is in a state of drought for both outdoor and indoor water. This is a result of limited precipitation causing low water levels in the mountain reservoirs. Due to the limited supply of water, a drought reduction has been issued from water suppliers that will affect water users throughout Weber and Davis Counties.

The season begins May 15 and ends Sept. 20; no watering during the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.; use limited watering run times; no watering Sunday, and no watering on a designated day based upon a geographical quadrant divided by Antelope Drive and 2000 West. In addition to Sunday, the other designated no-water days by quadrant are the same as last year: Northwest Tuesday, Northeast Wednesday, Southwest Thursday, Southeast Friday.

May 15 to 30: Pick one day out of the five available days. Memorial Day to Labor Day: Pick two days out of the five available days.

For a larger and detailed Water Conservation Schedule map, scan the QR code.

Sept. 6 to 20: Pick one day out of the five available days.

Remember to prevent excess water from irrigation that allows water to pool onto neighboring properties, streets, or storm drains. Also be sure to repair any known leaks within 15 days of notification. Limited spot watering with a hose may be done only if an individual is attending.

It is highly recommended that you install a smart controller for your outdoor watering. This will allow you to control it remotely as you get notifications of changing weather in your area. Take advantage of a 50% off rebate offered from Utah Water Savers.

Please be mindful of water conservation and eliminate overuse and overspray on streets and sidewalks. Provide only the water your landscape requires. Check timers and turn off systems when possible, adapting to the weather conditions. Enforcement of wasteful watering will occur. Please help in being good stewards in our limited water supply.

Environmental Quality Topic: Pool and spa care.
Store pool and spa chemicals in a manner to prevent leaks and spills, preferably in a covered enclosure, and out of reach of children and pets. Avoid copper-based algaecides such as copper sulfate. Chemical concentrations that are mild irritants to humans can be fatal to fish and other aquatic wildlife. Drain water only when chlorine levels are very low and are not detected by a chlorine test kit. Reuse water for landscaping areas whenever possible, avoid allowing the water to drain on neighboring properties. Drain only clean pool water. If it’s not safe for your yard, then it’s not safe to go down a storm drain. Any water that goes into a storm drain is not treated. Any pollution entering the storm drain makes the waterways unsafe for people and wildlife.

Road Construction: As UDOT improves Antelope Drive and the roads at the new interchanges, there will be frequent road closures and flagging operations. Avoid these construction areas by using alternative routes. If you must travel through these areas, please use caution by keeping your distance from moving construction equipment, slowing down, and being attentive. Please be courteous and keep our construction workers safe so they can return home safely to their families too.

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