Two years after returning from serving in WWII, Wayne T. Smedley joined with his brother Dale in establishing “Smedley Plumbing and Heating” of Syracuse, UT. Since our humble beginnings over 75 years ago, Smedleys has helped our friends, family, and neighbors all over the Wasatch Front be as comfortable as possible in their homes by combining cutting edge HVAC and plumbing technology, old school quality craftsmanship, and ethical/professional business practices to provide Utah homeowners the very best solutions to make their homes perfectly comfortable.

Over 75 years later, and generation after generation, we hold strong to our roots planted in 1947. Smedleys is still a locally owned and operated family affair. From our founders to our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of family still currently working in the business, all the way to our adopted family who choose to work with us on the Smedley team, we pride ourselves on being the best name in service.

Did you know that the first residential air conditioning unit was first installed in 1914? It was seven feet (yes, feet) tall, six feet wide, and 20 feet long! It cost, at the time, the equivalent of $120,000.00 (adjusted for inflation) in today’s dollars! Luckily, starting in 1947, breakthroughs in technology would change all that. Suddenly, air conditioning units became more compact and dramatically less expensive. Growing in popularity, by the end of 1947, there were around 43,000 air-conditioning units in use in the United States. Today, 87% of American households have some form of air conditioning.

Current innovations in both the plumbing and HVAC fields, have helped make it so your home has never been able to feel more affordably comfortable.

Seeing the HVAC technology changes in 1947, our founders recognized the great potential for the new, more affordable, more practical technology and how it would dramatically change home comfort. Smedley Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning was formed the same year in Syracuse Utah and continues to serve the Wasatch Front today. Just like our beginnings over 75 years ago, you can count on Smedleys to be at the forefront of the technological and mechanical innovations that keep your home as comfortable as possible and to provide those solutions at a fair and honest price.

See for yourself how our team’s expertise in HVAC and plumbing solutions can make you more comfortable.

857 Marshall Way, Unit D Layton, UT
You can count on Smedleys to keep your home comfortable.

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