Message from Mayor Maughan

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. We all want the mature tree that provides cooling shade, sustaining oxygen, and beauty to our surroundings. The next best time to plant a tree is today. We act to make change and it may be the next generation that actually experiences the fullness of efforts we begin now.

I spoke to a landscape professional recently and he expressed a concern that Utah could lose a million trees due to drought, but we may not know it for a couple of years. The thought was that many people are resigned to the idea that we cannot sustain a lawn through ongoing drought and give up. Grass may grow in a year, but trees often take time to wither and won’t bounce back if we don’t give them at least minimum effort continually.

The advice on trees is that we can save this resource and investment with just a little water a week. 10 minutes of water at the point where the branches extend could keep a tree alive. How sad it would be for those with the investment of years of tree growth to learn in a year or two that drought killed off trees for which we didn’t provide care because it took time for them to demonstrate the withering effects they have suffered over time.

Like our trees, parts of our city could use that regular small nourishment to sustain. Also, like trees our businesses provide benefits to everyone: tax dollars, services, and jobs. Do we take the time to frequent them even like a slow drip watering? Do we let a business wither and die over a couple of years because we could save a dollar here and now, but ultimately end up paying two later in taxes and gas?

The pandemic has been a difficult challenge for many people in many different ways. Like a tree, a business may not show the withering for a few years. That time a local business went without nourishment may not have killed it on the spot, but it just wasn’t strong enough to survive those challenges over time. My hope is we are careful during this time of drought to literally save our trees because you can’t replace a mature tree overnight. I also hope we will do what we can to help save our businesses in the city. They don’t grow or mature overnight either. Just a little regular nourishment does impact a city with taxes and opportunity. It may take patience to help a business blossom too.

Thanks for doing you part to save both.
Mayor Dave Maughan

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