Public Works Update

DROUGHT WATERING RESTRICTIONS: Syracuse City has implemented the following outdoor watering restrictions, which are being enforced:
• No outdoor watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
• No more than two waterings a week. Limit watering times.
• Mandatory no-watering days are in effect. Choose 2 days out of the 5 available each week. No watering on Sunday and no watering on the designated day in your quadrant of the city.

Large properties such as churches, schools, and parks are regulated under a separate, custom water conservation program based on each property. It is strongly recommended to delay any installation of new landscape sod and plantings. For more details, see the 2022 Water Restrictions on the city’s website

PUBLIC HEALTH SAFETY NOTICE: Sprinkling system connected to culinary water is extremely dangerous to public health and illegal. If this occurs, the entire secondary water system will be shut off to Syracuse City until it is found. Violators will be prosecuted. If you suspect a cross connection or are uncertain and would like a free inspection, call public works, or submit online fix-it request.

CLEAN STORM WATER is important to our ecosystem. When washing vehicles, use a car wash or park vehicles on the lawn when washing the vehicle so the dirty water can infiltrate into the ground. Keep all fluids and spills contained and wiped up. Do not wash down any debris from the driveway into the gutters and streets.

TREES must be pruned to 7 feet over a sidewalk and 11 feet over the street. Clearances for driver visibility must be maintained for street signs and lights. Before planting new trees, allow space away from sidewalks to allow roots to grow without heaving the sidewalk and gutters. Keep trees away from street corners to allow visibility. Keep them away from your sewer pipe where roots could create blockages. City code 10.30.070 is a great resource for trees in our city.

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