Congratulations to our Winners!

Congratulations to this years photo contest winners. We asked local photography enthusiast and previous Publisher’s Choice winner, Chad Roylance, to give us his thoughts on photo entries as seen by the eye of a photographer. His thoughts on the publisher’s choice are listed below. Thank you to everyone who voted and who participated. As always we are honored to see such amazing photos.


“A Family Night To Remember” by Kylee Nelson


“Sunlight Through the Trees” by Debby Cannon

“I simply love the Komorebi in this picture. The perspective is unique, and to get this kind of light filtering through the trees with the halo around the sun, there had to be some mist present. The photographer most likely wanted to emphasize the Komorebi without loosing the color in the trees by aiming directly at a very powerful light source, the sun. Great framing too!” –Chad Roylance


By Nathan Lee

By Lacie Harley
“Antelope Island Buck”

By Salvador Lugo Lopez

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