Employee Spotlight

This month, we are highlighting all the great work of our Syracuse Community front desk staff.

They greet you with a smile and a kind hello and give a heartwarming goodbye as you leave. They help you register for programs and special events and connect you with the right person, whether you call in or send an email.

This is just a small sample of what our amazing front desk staff does at our community center.

Photo: Clockwise from the upper left corner (Raechal and her husband), next is Tiffany to the left and her twin sister Brittany to the right. Below them, going from right to left, is Megan, Debbie, and Owen. Owen is our first-ever male employee to work at the front desk. Not Shown in this photo are Kenzie Page and Madisen Carnley, who both help fill in when subs are needed.

THANK YOU all for your hard work and dedication to the city of Syracuse!

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