Public Works Update

Season Ending, Temperatures are Cooling
Beginning Labor Day, September 5th, water restrictions return to one day a week. Secondary water will be turned off September 20th. Temperatures are cooling, and there are fewer daylight hours as we approach the autumn season. Remember to adjust your sprinkler clock to reduce the water duration and number of days.

Building and Equipment Maintenance
Something to consider while working around outside buildings and equipment is to look for any types of leaks:
oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, fuel or any type of liquid running out of heavy equipment, small equipment, garbage cans, barrels, and fueling stations. These items would all be considered pollutants that may run into a storm drain system. When you see these kinds of situations, take time to fix, replace, or take care of the problem. This will help prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain and polluting our water.

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