A monthly update on new builds around Syracuse


Syracuse is getting a Café Zupas!

It will be located at 2069 West 1700 South, right by the Walmart. The building will take up 3,624 square feet and include a drive-thru, which will be divided into “Drive-Thru” and “Mobile Pickup” sections.

A neat thing about this Café Zupas is there will be a mural on the building. Here’s what they have to say about their new initiative:

“In an effort to add color to our buildings, in areas that otherwise go unnoticed, Café Zupas began to look at adding murals to our prototypical buildings in 2019. The pull and power of social media has influenced us to incorporate something “Instagrammable” into our brand image. We did not want to throw in just colorful advertisements, but instead, something that was a treat for locals and tourists to look at. We underwent a brand-dress refresh in 2019 and desired to incorporate the painting of murals onto our buildings. Café Zupas approached the process of choosing art with an agency and internal sources. After much debate and layouts, we decided to use multi-colors that would match the artwork inside and out. We employed the help of an artist in Georgia, Chadwick Tolley.”

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