Syracuse’s First Mural at the Local Museum


You might have noticed some colorful art on the Syracuse Regional Museum’s building as you head east on Antelope Drive.

The Museum is pleased to announce the unveiling of Syracuse’s first mural! Funded by Discover Davis Tourism’s Mural Grant Program, this mural depicts animals and plant life on Antelope Island, facing west towards the Syracuse, the Great Salt Lake, and the Wasatch Range. Pictured are deer, antelope, buffalo, and some mischievous coyotes surrounded by native plants such as cattails, sunflowers, and phragmites. It measures 12 feet tall and 24 feet long.

Local Syracuse resident Wendy Dimick, who is an art teacher at Northridge High, put in hours of work to help the museum with its vision. She spent time outside of her teaching job working on the mural.

“My favorite cliche is always “A picture paints thousand words” – a picture tells so much about people, places, and things! A colorful mural on a large building lets people know they are entering a city where people are creative, welcoming, proud, productive, and positive! I am so honored to have been the local artist chosen to paint, in my style, along with the input from the Syracuse Regional Museum crew, this large work of art that will be seen by so many driving up and down the busy Antelope Drive. I feel like my art tells people that we are a collective group of people who love our community. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place!”

–Wendy Dimick

The Syracuse Regional Museum invites the public to come check out the mural on their own time.
If you post pictures on Facebook, don’t forget to tag the museum (@syracusemuseum) and add the hashtag #SyracuseMural.

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