Connection Publishing Tribute to Jaycelin Gray Trivino

April 9, 1995 – November 19, 2022

By Ryan Spelts

When I first met Jaycee, I was captured by her light. She and I had communicated via email because she had participated in our art contest but then we met when she applied for a part-time job with us. She was very busy at the time, and we made the decision to hire someone else because of the experience they had, but I sincerely told Jaycee that once an opening popped up I wanted to hire her. As it goes with a small business, that opportunity came up about six months later and I called Jaycee. She agreed to take on the role even though she was clearly overqualified for the work of gathering our calendar of events. As we got to know Jaycee, Melissa and I fell in love with her. She was incredibly talented and so loving. My wife even tried to play matchmaker with her because she was just so bright and wonderful. She was an artist, a performing artist, a teacher, a lover of all people, and a truly incredible example to all. As she and her new husband were planning on moving from Utah, she was going to take on a new role of writing for us in the coming months because she would be able to work virtually and stay connected to our community while she was away. We were excited about that possibility.

When I read a post early Monday morning, November 21, on Facebook by Mayor Berube announcing her death by accidental shooting, I was stunned in disbelief. That disbelief quickly turned into overwhelming sadness and I cried for two days. Here we are three months later and I am still crying. I cannot imagine how those who knew Jaycee even better are feeling. She left a hole in this world that simply cannot be filled. She is sincerely missed and though my personal beliefs are that she lives on and lived the type of life to be rewarded in the afterlife, she is still sincerely missed in this life.

Farewell for now Jaycee.

Jaycee’s full obituary will be posted at if you would like to read it.

Jaycee’s Father, Steve, was kind enough to provide us with her obituary and photos. He also asked this of me, “It would be very meaningful to us, and a wonderful tribute to Jaycee if we could include this QR code and link with a mention of this opportunity where others can contribute to the Jaycee Gray Trivino Art/Dance Memorial Scholarship at WSU. The scholarship will provide a tangible, meaningful remembrance of our daughter into perpetuity.

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