Secondary Water & Sprinkler Systems

Before secondary water is turned on in May, please remember to close your valves to prevent flooding situations. This month is a good time to prepare your sprinkler system, clean your filter, and make repairs. Do not turn the city valve on or off. It is recommended that you install your own shutoff valve and filter if you don’t already have one.

When would I need an Excavation Permit?

Excavation permits are required for any work that is performed inside the city right-of-way (i.e., road, sidewalk, park-strip) that requires cutting asphalt, concrete, or excavations deeper than six inches. Examples may include widening a drive approach, repairing underground utilities, and so forth. Permits can be obtained at Public Works and online on our website.

Remember to call 811 for Blue Stakes before you start installing fences, landscaping, sprinklers, RV Pads, accessory buildings, swimming pools, trampoline pits, or anything that requires digging. It is a state law to contact Blue Stakes of Utah at least two full business days prior to any digging to have all utilities marked. Some utilities are located in backyards. Please be aware that if Blue Stakes is called for a project on or near your property, utility companies and city employees may need to enter your backyard to mark the utilities in that area. This increases safety awareness to you or your contractor by knowing where underground utilities are located so they do not risk damaging utilities. Blue Stake requests may also be submitted online at

Environmental Department

Flushable wipes are not dissolvable wipes. Just because you CAN flush it does not mean you SHOULD flush it. Even wipes labeled as “flushable” can lead to toilet clogs and pipe blockages. Please dispose of flushable wipes in the garbage to avoid possible sewer back-ups.

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