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Scratch Burger located at 1863 W. 700 S., is one of those places that knows what they do well and sticks to a very limited menu. They are not trying to be everything to everyone. You are going to order a burger with or without fries and something to drink. Nothing wrong with a place that is focused on what they do best, and they do a very good burger!

Looking at the burger you first notice the quality of the bun. Full and fresh is a great foundation to start with. The burger isn’t all bun, there is a meaty middle with fresh topping options to accent your desired stack of patties. At first bite, I got that warm and juicy sensation that you expect from a made fresh burger. It was full of flavor and had a genuine, warm, and meaty taste.

The “scratch” seasoning and sauce seem to be the calling card. Unless you ask, you get the scratch sauce and seasoning on everything. Of course, to try the Scratch Burger how could I not order the featured sauce? Scratch sauce gets compared to fry sauce having the same color, but I wouldn’t call it what most people think of as fry sauce. Clearly, there are some fresh seasonings and a bit of dill in the sauce to give it a tangy flavor, maybe I would call it more of a burger dressing.

I dipped my freshly fried skin-on potato fries in the scratch sauce quite liberally. There was plenty of flavor on the fries with some scratch seasoning, so I didn’t feel compelled to bathe them in the sauce.

I had the chocolate shake to round out my meal. It wasn’t your typical candy bar chocolate but more refined like a German Chocolate cake flavor, being slightly bitter with a rich higher cacao chocolate. My palate was refreshed, and I found this to be something different for Syracuse. I was a fan, but if you are committed to a traditional candy bar chocolate taste this isn’t for you.

I will go back to Scratch Burger. It was a very good burger.

-The Syracuse Spoon

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